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Do You Notice When Your Numbers Go Down?

I admit that I do notice when people stop following me on Twitter or remove me as a friend on Facebook. If I see my friends number go down, I do spend some time trying to figure out WHO it was that removed me out of natural curiousity.

Oh all right … it might hurt my feelings a teensy weensy bit. But when you’re as outspoken as I am, it’s inevitable that you’re going to piss somebody off eventually.

I’m not so masochistic that I ‘ve used an app like Qwitter to track who stops following me. And it certainly wouldn’t make me feel better to know who it was. Afterall,  what do you do with that information? Send them a note asking them,  “Hey, was it something I said?” or “WTF?” I’d like to think I’m not THAT insecure!

On the flip side,  I do see this as an excellent tool for measuring your Twitter marketing campaigns. Qwitter can tell you who stops following you and when (the particular tweet, that is), giving you measurable results for what works in your marketing campaigns albeit I don’t know how accurate it really is.

For example, someone could decide to stop following you and it just happened to coincide with a particular tweet. Doesn’t mean that they didn’t mean they didn’t like your marketing, but it could mean that they decided they didn’t like you! Period.  So I actually have mixed feelings over the effectiveness of an app like Qwitter other than for knowing what messaging works and what doesn’t … because it’s so subjective.

In any case, please don’t quit following me on Twitter… I only have 67 followers anyway, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to figure out it was you!

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