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Get Your Comprehensive, How-To Guide for Corporate HR Blogging

Original Source: Definitive Guide to Corporate HR Blogging

Real-time social networking via Twitter, Facebook, etc. is certainly all the rage. But fundamentally, blogging still remains the best way to build brand, authority and thought leadership. Lots of companies blog and more and more are joining the world of blogging on a regular basis. Corporate HR blogging on the other hand has a long way to go.

Ben Yoskovitz and Susan Burns have written a definitive guide for corporate HR blogging — a practical, how-to guide on how to setup a blog, get management approval, write great content and build traffic. The guide is 31 pages long – but it’s broken up into small chunks that are easy to read and digest. There’s a list of Top 10 Corporate HR Blogging Tips near the end, along with a list of great online resources for blogging, HR and recruitment.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why blogging is important to your success in HR/recruiting
  • How to develop the business case for blogging
  • How to get management approval
  • How to handle bad news and negative criticism
  • How to start a blog – the technology, definitions, and more
  • How to write a blog – editorial calendars, story ideas, research
  • How to build traffic – linking, social media, commenting, etc.
  • How to go beyond blogging – Twitter, social networks

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