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Leveraging Social Media in Employee Engagement

Parker LePla’s branding experts, Briana Marrah and Joe LePla, led a workshop at the Advanced Learning Institute’s Internal Branding Conference. They spoke on how to leverage social media tools to engage your employees and create effective brand champions.

Social media tools have added more visibility to your brand, providing a channel for anyone’s opinions and experiences to be distributed to the world almost instantaneously. If this isn’t enough to make you a little nervous, what about the fact that conversations in social media aren’t limited just to your customers? Your employees are online sharing their opinions about you, too. Your employees’ lives and jobs intersect online where the lines between public and private are blurred at best.

Don’t be deterred by this reality! Your employees, if given the right incentives and tools, can become the biggest champions of your brand. They are the most important audience in any brand effort because they both deliver the brand experience and influence public opinion. If you re-examine your internal social media policy through this lens, your employees look less like a ticking time-bomb and more like message mercenaries.

In this presentation, learn ways to utilize social media tools to help, not hinder, your brand. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Examples of how social media has enhanced and destroyed brand value
  • How social media can be used to drive deeper engagement
  • Ways to overcome hurdles to implementation and gain organizational buy-in
  • How guidelines can ensure that social media touch points stay true to your brand
  • Tactics and strategies to successfully leverage and measure social media effectiveness

Leveraging social media in employee engagement

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