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Nonprofits Still Setting the Pace in Social Media Adoption

Original Source: Nonprofits Lead Academia and Corporations in Social Media Adoption, ImpactWatch

For the second year in a row, non-profits have adopted social media at a faster rate than corporations or academic institutions.

A new research study, “Still Setting the Pace in Social Media: The First Longitudinal Study of Usage by the Largest US Charities” compares organizational adoption of social media in 2007 and 2008 by the nation’s top 200 largest charities.

The study was conducted by Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D., Senior Fellow and Research Chair of the Society for New Communications Research and Chancellor Professor of Marketing at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Eric Mattson, CEO of Financial Insite Inc., a Seattle-based research firm.

The study reveals that:

  • 57% of charities have blogs, compared to colleges/universities at 41%, Inc 500 corporations at 39% and only 16% of Fortune 500 Co.s blogging.
  • 90% of charities feel that their blog is successful.
  • Use of at least one form of social media has increased from 75 to 89% of respondents.
  • Usage increased for all social media tools studied: 79% of charities are using both social networking and video blogging, up 38 and 47% respectively over a year.
  • 66% of charity respondents conduct online media monitoring, compared to 54% of academic institutions and 60% of the Inc 500.
  • Over 80 percent feel that social media is at least “somewhat important” to their future strategy; 45 percent responded that social media is very important to their fundraising strategy.

View the full report below or download a full copy of the new research report from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Original Source:  Nonprofits Lead Academia and Corporations in Social Media Adoption, ImpactWatch

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