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Moishe's is Moving into Social Media

In these days of tremendous social media growth and development, many companies have been breaking down the boundaries of the status-quo corporate/consumer relationship, and connecting with their clients on a personal level. In the spirit of these changes, Moishe’s Moving has taken a bold step toward its customers by engaging in Social Media discussion both on Twitter ( and on Facebook ( They’ve been contacting customers directly and discussing their needs via these mediums rather than using old-fashioned corporate bureaucracy. Moishes’ emergence into the social networking realm is a huge step in the direction of both consumer advocacy, and a more eye-to-eye business/client relationship and enables more personalized attention to their customer’s needs.

Already, as a result of the contest Moishe’s sales figures have gone up. Indeed, many of Moishe’s customers have already expressed interest in participating when the time comes for their moves. Moishe’s has also observed that just under 50% of visitors to having clicked onto the contest page.

Itamar Kestenbaum, Marketing & PR Manager at Moishe’s Moving Systems

Moishe’s has also rolled out its newest Social Media-based video competition (M4: Moishes Moving Movie Madness) in which fans on it’s Facebook page can vote for their favorite fan-created video (of a Moishe’s move). The winner received a full refund on their move. Also, at the suggestion of The Social Workplace on leveraging social media to build brand awareness, Itamar Kestenbaum and another Moishe’s colleague, Travis Hodges, recorded a video as they went around Times Square asking people from around the world how they would pronounce “Moishe’s”, and got some great responses!

Watch the YouTube video below… and enjoy!

And by all means, connect with Moishe’s through their social networking profiles:



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