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Two Resources Every Corporate Social Media Policy Contributor Should Have

I don’t think any one really wonders IF they should have a corporate social media policy anymore, but rather it seems the bigger question is how to actually create one. There are many web sites that offer sample policies that are easily findable through a search; however, I thought I would highlight two web resources that I use / visit fairly regularly when researching corporate social media policies.

Chris Boudreaux created to provide tools and resources for leaders and managers who want to get the most from their social media and social application investments.

Cover photo of Social Media Policy Analysis reportChris has also recently analyzed all of the policy documents that people from around the world have submitted into the Social Media Policy Database. The report also contains best practices for social media policies, which he developed through his work with clients across industries.

You can download the report and see what he found regarding the following questions:

  • To what extent do organizations focus on risks versus opportunities in social media?
  • What types of guidelines do organizations provide to employees?
  • How are organizations providing guidance to employees who represent the organization in social media?

PolicyTool by rtraction

I actually came across this site completely by accident when I realized that I was getting referring visits from it. The very intuitive interface of PolicyTool for Social Media walks you through basic steps to drafting policies for your website or software project.

PolicyTool is a policy generator that simplifies the process of creating guidelines that respect the rights of your employees while protecting your brand online. It’s easy. The streamlined process simply requires you to answer a brief questionnaire and provides you with a complete Social Media Policy customized to your company.

PolicyTool has been developed by rtraction in collaboration with Harrison Pensa lawyer David R. Canton, one of Canada’s leading authorities in internet and technology related legal issues.

You’ll notice that each question includes a “Notes from the Net” section which provides links to online resources that answers many corporate social media policy questions, such as whether your company should even have one. You’ll notice that Question 8 links back to The Social Workplace’s post on “Leveraging Social Media in Employee Engagement“. Many thanks to PolicyTool for this shoutout.

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