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Interact with Transparency Using the SMBC's Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit

Original post: Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit, Social Media Business Council

The Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit is a draft series of checklists to help companies, their employees, and their agencies learn the appropriate and transparent ways to interact with blogs, bloggers, and the people who interact with them.

We believe in the principles of transparency and openness, and this document is a way of making this real on the inside. Our goal is not to create or propose new industry standards or rules. These checklists are open source training tools designed to help educate the hundreds or thousands of employees in any large corporation the appropriate ways to interact with the social media community.

Downloads and Translations

You can download the Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit as a single document (read on to view it online):

Scenarios Addressed

  1. Disclosure of Identity
  2. Personal/Unofficial Blogging and Outreach
  3. Blogger Relations
  4. Compensation and Incentives
  5. Agency and Contractor Disclosure
  6. Creative Flexibility

Core Document

This is an Open Source Document

  • This is a living document that will continually change.
  • This document will continue to evolve with community feedback and participation.
  • Share and change this document as much as you like. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License and attribute it to the Social Media Business Council and link to

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