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Ten Social Media Strategies for Businesses

Original Post: What Businesses should be doing on Social Media – Ten Strategies, by Lisa Lambert

It’s important that we build relationships with the people who visit our websites.  You want to build relationships with visitors because you want to convert those visitors into leads and sales.  Today’s post is courtesy of Jay Berkowitz of  Jay is an exceptional resource, speaker, and has held numerous high ranking positions in the advertising and marketing world. My blog is meant to be a resource for you and to give you as much knowledge as I can about how to market your business online and in social media.  This is no exception.  Jay has a great list of 10 strategies regarding what you should be doing on social media. From Jay himself…

  1. Listen! Customer Service as the new marketing – Use Google Alerts,, Radian6, Trackur, SM2 etc. to monitor what is being said about your brand. Monitor and engage from a customer service perspective. Prevent a customer from becoming enraged by engaging them early.
  2. Provide Great Content – Consistently educating people in your subject area will encourage them to subscribe to your blog or Twitter, being an expert gives you permission to link to your business page 1 out of 20 times
  3. Make Lots of Friends – Following people with common interests, Subscribing to their Channel on YouTube, promoting them on Twitter, Facebook and Blog links will encourage them to reciprocate with links to you.
  4. Video is the single biggest opportunity. The Social Media Marketing Report identified that only 41% of marketers are using video/YouTube. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world (behind Google) and the #3 website in the world for traffic and page views (Alexa). Make ‘how-to’ videos and product demonstrations with a bit of entertainment, add phrases people would search for in the title and description, link to the video from websites and blogs.
  5. S-Commerce – Sites are selling direct from Facebook pages (BestBuy) and increasing sales 5X through YouTube Videos (Will It Blend – Blendtec)
  6. Blog Monetization (Technorati State of the Blogosphere a blog with 100,000 visitors will make $75,000 a month, Start with Google AdSense, explore affiliate ads and info products eBooks etc.)
  7. Micro Selling is making millions of $$ by selling 1 product a day on Blog and Twitter
  8. App-etizers – Facebook Apps (applications) helped the site launch to massive popularity, iPhone users have downloaded over 3 Billions Apps. Could you develop an App for your business to engage people through these sources?
  9. Promote Your Product – A great blog, podcast or video series can position you as a thought leader. If people like your free content they will likely buy your book, or ask you to consult.
  10. Create a Community – We developed a free community called www.InternetMarketingClub.Org through free site, we have had members join and engage from all over the world. Building a community interested in a common theme allows you to build social relationships that could generate business in the future.

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