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VTech and Meteor Solutions Shows You How to Monetize Your Social Graph

Tom Bacon, VP Marketing, VTech, Taddy Hall, COO, Meteor Solutions (@meteorsolutions), and Steve Fowler, VP Strategy and Client Service, Ayzenberg Group, presented four steps to successfully monetize your “Social Media Graph.” Tom Bacon at VTech also shared a case study of VTech’s social media campaign targeted at music aficionados and illustrated with real-world examples about how the right strategy, content, and tactics can make your next social media campaign a huge success.

Discover your “social media graph” by identifying the influential brand advocates generating the most site traffic, the engaging content elements fueling word-of-mouth referrals, and where and how the referrals and link sharing are occurring. Follow these four steps when monetizing your social media graph:

  1. Research: Determine who the influential enthusiasts are, what content is driving the viral activity, and where the sharing is occurring.
  2. Connect with Serious Fans and Advocates: Enable and encourage sharing via niche communities and mass social sites and seed content when necessary.
  3. Activate and Monetize: Increase sharing, engagement, and action through strong content.
  4. Optimize: Improve paid and unpaid activities. Target influential sites/communities with immediate calls to action.

To read a case study from VTech Communications about its marketing strategies which includes social media, click here. (You must be an ANA member or become one to read and download the case study in its entirety.)

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