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Personal Branding: The Power of You

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to present to the National Black Public Relations Society on how to create an influential and credible personal brand in social media.

There are already a ton of great resources that will tell you where and how you create establish your personal brand in any given social networking platform. So, in this presentation, I chose to focus more on how a personal brand allows you to increase your visibility, demonstrate a unique promise of value and help you stand out among your colleagues, peers and social connections; how the ubiquity of social media tools has given communicators the perfect platform for being recognized as thought leaders, contributors and influencers to social conversation; and how, given all of this, can you balance your personal brand with your company brand.

Key points from the presentation are:
  • Know the value of building, promoting and monitoring your personal brand.
  • Learn tactics on what you should DO and NOT DO when building a personal brand.
  • Appreciate the power of the social graph and how you can use it to extend your brand and social media presence.
  • Understand the sometimes precarious act of balancing your personal interests with the interests of your company

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