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Android Apps that Penetrate the Enterprise

Original source: 15+ Enterprise Apps for Android, ReadWriteEnterprise

Android has seen astounding growth in both the consumer and enterprise markets, but the iPhone and BlackBerry have dominated enterprise-specific app development. That may be starting to change. Today released its cloud storage app for Android, and other enterprise-focused apps have been released recently as well. Given the enterprise interest in the iPad and the fact that several Android tablets are supposedly just around the corner, we could start seeing more enterprise Android development. Here are a few apps that are available now.

The popular SaaS help desk Zendesk has released a Android app.

One interesting trend to note: many of the clients for enterprise apps are actually created by third party companies. and Dropbox

The newest of the bunch, just released its native Android application to the Android Marketplace today. has had an iPhone version available for some time now, so an Android app is a welcome addition. competitor Dropbox was an Android early adopter.

QuickOffice and ThinkOffice

Mobile office suites QuickOffice and ThinkOffice both offer Android apps and enterprise licensing.

CRM Clients

Several third party companies have released Android apps for major CRM platforms, including:

Citrix Receiver

Citrix has been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of enterprise mobility, quickly releasing clients for major mobile operating systems. Citrix Receiver is a XenApp and XenDesktop client.

Confluence and JIRA

NIC Labs publishes Mini Confluence Enterprise, a plugin for Atlassian‘s enterprise wiki Confluence that enables mobile access. NIC Labs has also released an Android app for accessing Confluence on the go, but it requires the plugin.

There are at least three third party Android apps for Atlassian’s JIRA bug tracking platform:


MangoSpring is ahead of the enterprise collaboration pack with its MangoSpring Mobile for Android app – beating competitors like Chatter and Jive to market. We covered MangoSpring here and here previously.

Yammer, the enterprise microblogging platform, is also an early entrant to enterprise Android applications.

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