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Infographic: Is Flexible Mobility the New Workplace Currency?

Original Source: Cisco Connected World Technology Report, The New Workplace Currency

To demonstrate the role of the network in our lives, Cisco commissioned an international workforce study of nearly 3000 people. The study revealed that one in three college students and young professionals consider the Internet to be as important as air, water, food, and shelter. The study also found that their desire to use social media, mobile devices, and the Internet more freely in the workplace is strong enough to influence their future job choice, sometimes more than salary. .

This year, the 2011 Cisco Connected World Technology Report examined two new groups of subjects:

  • College students
  • Recently employed college graduates, many working in their first full-time jobs

The findings are telling. More than half of the study’s respondents could not live without the Internet and cite it as an “integral part” of their lives. In some cases, they call it more essential than owning a car, dating, and going to parties. Also, one in three would prioritize social media freedom, device flexibility, and work mobility over salary in accepting a job offer.

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