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The State of Social Media Marketing [Report] #awarenessinc

Top Areas For Social Marketing Investment and Biggest Social Marketing Challenges in 2012

From Awareness, Inc
Creators of the Social Marketing Hub

The definitive social marketing industry report.

In December 2011 Awareness surveyed over 320 marketers from a wide variety of industries and levels of social marketing experience. This report brings to you those insights and benchmarks to solidify your social marketing strategy, grow your social footprint and engage with your audiences for maximum return. You will learn how leaders allocate resources, discover the top social platforms and social media management tools they use,  social marketing investment priorities, and the practices companies will adopt to ensure 2012 is the year of the social business.

You will notice some underlying themes in this report:

  • Executives and senior managers are looking for traction in three key areas – ROI, integration of social with lead generation and sales, and expansion of social presence and reach.
  • While social marketers feel they do not have the necessary resources to execute initiatives successfully, they must meet the expectations of senior management who demand to see tangible business value.
  • Companies experienced in social marketing are moving beyond growing social presence and reach. Their focus will shift to active social media management for increased lead generation and sales.
  • You will see less-experienced marketers following their visionary peers, adopting established practices as they move along the maturity continuum.

For more information or to download your own copy please visit Awareness Inc.

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