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Top Leaders in #MobileHR Talent Management Apps

About the Author: Kyle is the HR Analyst at SoftwareAdvice. By day, he blogs about HR trends, technology, and best practices. By night, he’s the Relations Chair for Austin-based independent theatre company, PaperChairs.

When leaving home or the office, what are the must-have items you would never go without? Wallet? Got it. Keys? Yup. Your mobile recruiting application…? Well, sure! Today’s anytime-anywhere mobile access is changing the way we do business. You see, with the right apps and  tools, users can manage any number of human resources and workforce management processes from their mobile devices.

It’s official: HR technology developers are working full throttle to bring new solutions for hiring, managing the workforce and tracking HR to the mobile market. Many of the mobile tools currently on the market in our industry are focused on recruiting and talent management. Thankfully, we’ve begun to see applications cropping up that give business owners the ability to access highly valuable data on the go. Based on functionality, ease of use, and downright coolness, there are a few mobile tools that rank amongst my favorites:

Acquiring Talent

Kenexa 2xMobile enables hiring managers to manage their hiring processes on the go. Keeping in mind how busy managers can get, the application focuses on key hiring tasks so they can execute the most basic actions needed to move the hiring process along. This app is free, and syncs with Kenexa’s SaaS-based applicant tracking system, but users must have a Kenexa license.

Jobvite is one tool that has a lot of people talking. This an innovative candidate sourcing solution that enables your employees to send job invitations (or Jobvites) to members of their networks on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook from just about anywhere. Attracting passive candidates by way of employee referrals just got that much easier. To plug in to this tool, though, you’ll need a Jobvite subscription.

Managing Talent

VortexsMobileManagerConnect is an online workforce management application that enables users to manage their operation’s scheduling needs on the go. Review, edit and approve time cards, violations and time off requests, and seamlessly sync changes with your existing HR management and payroll systems. The app is free, but users need users Vortex Connect license to use it.

RyppleFeedback is another web-based application is getting some buzz. At its core, it turns performance reviews into a far more engaging experience. Leveraging social networking concepts for a more collaborative experience, Rypple makes it easy for you to recognize achievements and offer regular feedback to your employees. Rypple currently offers various subscription options from free to $9 per user per month.

Additional Resources

HRatYourFingertips is an HR terms and concepts reference tool. Valuable for the layman and guru alike, this application is divided into three sections. The glossary covers 270+ key terms and concepts. The HR Laws section contains information on federal laws, including eligibility and compliance standards. The app also contains a beginner’s guide for writing an employee handbook. This mobile app is currently available only for the iPhone or iPad.

HRConceptsMobileBenefits gives employees the ability to tap into health benefit account information on their smart phones. Review claims and account balances, and submit new receipts by taking a picture with their mobile devices. Transmissions are encrypted and secure, and sensitive information is never stored on your mobile device. This straightforward tool takes employee self-service one step further.

What are some applications that are helping make your life easier?

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