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Original Source: The State of Social Collaboration, Central Desktop

Social collaboration is here to stay.  In less than five years, the dialogue around social collaboration has shifted from skepticism to “expecticism.”

In the near future, software vendors won’t differentiate on whether or not they are social – virtually all business software will be inherently social. The intranets of tomorrow will ALL be like Facebook. Rapid and hyper collaboration tools that leverage the entire company and remote workers will be “table stakes” in the enterprise.

It goes without saying we believe that social collaboration is changing how companies work together, how they innovate and how they serve their customers. As such, we’ve created an infographic that chronicles the history of social collaboration, illustrating where the industry has come from, how large it has become and where it is growing.

Feel free to share this infographic, The State of Social Collaboration, with colleagues and readers in your blog posts, articles or website.

The State of Social Collaboration

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