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Infographic | The Evolution of Sharing and Communication

Original source: The Daily Infographic

Communication is the process of conveying information. Almost all species have some sort of communication system. However, successful communication is the trait that has made humans the most successful species.

This infographic shows a timescale of how communication has evolved over time. It’s hard to imagine communication long before the hustle and bustle of email and text messaging. Technological communication has grown exponentially, leaving snail mail to be a thing of the past.

Facebook and Twitter is the most popular form of communication right now. These social giants are changing the game of communication. Today’s communication seems to only be in the form of short spurts with hashtags or tagging. Social media has taken the complexity out of communication, it is no longer organic, but short and to the point.

Today’s style of communication represents the direction society and technology are headed — towards a more efficient form of communication.

Sharing and Communication through the Ages


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