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Heels in the City – Rating the Best and Worst Cities for Women

While there are many adequate cities in our country, making an informed decision as to where you will live and work is imperative, as all cities are not created equally. Even more so for women.

Today’s infographic highlights the best and worst cities for women found in a recent report by Measure of America that gauged a woman’s well-being and access to opportunities by analyzing  results of the American Human Development Index. This index measures factors ranging from available education, income and health.

San Fransisco and Washington DC. top the charts, having high female income levels, plenty of available education and females who live happily and healthily. The cost of living is high for both of those cities, but many would say that the pros outweigh the cons. Cities that rank poorly in the survey include San Antonio, Texas, which neighbors Austin, and Riverside-San Bernardino, CA.

So based on this infographic… where would your heels go?


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