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16 Characteristics of a Social Workplace

Original post: 16 Characteristics of The Social Workplace by Shirley Williams (Blogger of Social Media Pearls)

One tool or platform does not make an organization social. It is not just about the tools- especially in isolation of the bigger picture. Well at least it ought not be. Sensational headlines just feed the fear of those with a  social media phobia.  What organizations and businesses should be thinking about is how can they leverage this new way of doing business.

Social media and the new technologies of today have totally changed how we work, communicate, interact, collaborate and relate to each other. Business leaders need to rethink how to take their organization to the next level and consequently “enable” their staff  to succeed in this new environment- our new reality.

Here are 16 characteristics of a “Social Workplace”:

1. A consistent brand built on trust, integrity and relationships.  Not built on  a flashy logo.

2. The brand voice and tone is understood. That is to say not just by the Marketing department but by everyone.

3.  The social media sandbox is understood with a well defined social media policy.

4. An above average digital/ social IQ across the organization. Employees, managers and C-suite leaders have a comprehensive knowledge and consistent view on how social media can be used and leveraged.

5. Unleashed creative minds.

6. Listening is a core competency.

7. Cross-functionality is a way of conducting business.

8. The social media lines of of home and work are blurred; accepted by the employer and accepted by the employee.

9. Social networking is a key way of communicating, engaging and collaborating – both inside and outside the organization.

10. Key  stakeholders’ needs and strengths are understood (including the customer and the employee).

11. Similar to an organization’s culture, Social media is integrated and owned by all employees.

12.The business lives the values of transparency, customer focus and continuous improvement.

13. Another core competency includes the agility of  sharing and accessing information, knowledge and innovation within the organization.

14. Go seek, find and research information is a norm. Employees no-longer totally rely on a vertical structure to get information.

15. A culture of continuous learning.

16. Monologues are replaced with dialogues.

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