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How do you define HR?

When you talk to most HR professionals and ask them to define HR, you are likely to get a response that is similar to “HR is about the people” or “HR is about the greatest asset of any organization which is the people.”

When HR Daily Advisor asked Kojo Amissah, SPHR, HRMP, MBA from Ghana to define HR, he provided an answer you don’t hear every day:

“HR is about the business to the extent to which you can utilize people to obtain business goals.”

Amissah supported his answer by explaining the reason why businesses do focus on the people that work for them and why it is a priority to ensure employees are happy, satisfied and motivated. Simply put, he says, “Organizations want people engaged to help achieve business goals. That is why employee satisfaction is so important”.

Amissah provided a great analogy that compares employees to the customers which the organization serves. Many of us ensure that when we encounter our customers we treat them with respect and kindness, and before ending our engagement we make certain that all of their needs were met.

Amissah asked us to think about why we take such care and spend so much energy on making our customers happy. Not a hard question at all. We want our customers to have a great experience so they will be repeat customers and tell all of their friends about the service and/or product we are offering coupled with the great experience they had.

Companies do the same. To ensure that they continue to attract the best talent, keep the best talent, and have a reputation for doing so, organizations must work hard to make their employees happy. The end result impacts the business’s bottom line.

Amissah believes that HR is put in place to ensure employees are happy and well engaged so in turn they will do more for the company. He suggests that HR leaders combine satisfaction with performance. It will allow them to better measure success. When linking HR to people alone it is almost impossible to measure performance but linking the people with business goals will provide HR with a more tangible gauge.

So how do YOU define HR? And what do you think HR means for you and the organization? I would love to hear your comments below!


This post was originally published on HR Daily Advisor: Definition of HR? Hint: It’s More than ‘I’m a People Person’

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