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Achievers Employee EngagementMy friends at Achievers have hit it out of the park with another great post, 19 signs of disengagement (and what you can do to avoid them). I’ve captured some of the content below, but you really should check out their illustrated Slideshare presentation

Have you ever felt like you’d rather put a pencil in your eye than attend your monthly team meeting? If not, then you’re probably an engaged employee (congrats!). But perhaps you know someone that feels this way.

Here’s a glimpse into the dreary world of Joe, a disengaged employee. Let Joe’s 19 disengagement experiences teach you how to prevent disengagement by elevating your employer brand and celebrating employee success.

Snarky captions authored by yours truly.

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Disengaged employees are disconnected from business objectives, receive little to no recognition or constructive feedback, and worst of all—feel like they’re invisible to their employer. Top employers celebrate employee engagement because it’s an effective tool to boost bottom-line results through alignment and increased productivity, and also builds a competitive employer brand that attracts, retains, and inspires top performers.

It’s time to say Hello. Don’t be a Joe.

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