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HR Transformation is Upon Us… it’s #HRISWeek

HR TechnologyMost people only know HR as a policy enforcer or as a benefits administrator. But the role of HR is complex and multi faceted. Yes, there is a enforcer aspect to HR, but there is also another, even more important role… that of the engager. And the technology behind HR is the key to managing both these roles. A recent article in Forbes describes it best:

HR (specifically talent management) is an art and a science. Achieving the right balance between the two should be the goal of every global leader.

HR is an art because, at its heart, it’s about people – in all their messy glory. It’s about hiring the right people, and then inspiring and enabling them to deliver stellar performance.

HR is a science because there are ways to measure talent, skills and compatibility that can take some of the guesswork out of the process and dramatically increase the odds of success.

The HR technology landscape is ever-evolving. It’s very exciting, but there’s a caveat: in embracing the science, never forget the art. Technology is not infallible. Remember the human dimension. The best HR practitioners and leaders know their organizations and culture brand on a visceral level. Finding talent can be made a lot easier by these fantastic technologies, but finding the “right fit” transcends even technology. [ Source: HR Technology: A Revolution for the World of Work, Forbes ]

With that in mind, we’ve declared this week #HRISWeek.. a look into the systems that “power” HR … the data warehouse [science] of the people [art]. Every day this week we will be posting articles on:

Five Keys to Leveraging HRIS Technology
An article from SHRM that discusses how today’s HR technology is moving rapidly to web-based systems to deliver data and services such as employee self-service (ESS), online recruiting, web-based training, online applicant testing and online benefits management

The HRIS Dream: In the Clouds
A guest post from Mike Maiorino, President and Founder of HRMS Solutions, and how the cloud-based eco system and it’s role in fulfilling the HR dream.

HRIS and HRMS Vendor Landscape
A list of the top HRIS and HRMS vendors currently working in the HR technology and HR transformation space.

Five HRIS Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
The top five HRIS mistakes that companies encounter with Human Resource Information Systems implementation along  with tested tips to help you avoid some of those same pitfalls.

Five Trends that Will Transform HRIS
HR technology has been instrumental in transforming the field of HR, and changes on the horizon have the potential for an even greater impact in the future. This article highlights some of the most important tech trends for HR.

So we hope you will participate in our #HRISWeek by reading and sharing the posts we’ve put together. And more importantly, we hope they give you insight into transforming your own HR technology! If you have a guest post that you would like to appear as part of our focus on HRIS and HR technology, please see our Contact page.

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