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The Big Picture Between Internal Communications and Employee Engagement [#infographic]

Internal communications is a critical success factor for effective organizational change and employee engagement.

Without effective internal communications, poorly planned and managed communications, as well as change management programs, will almost certainly fail to meet expectations with the business, senior leaders, and employees. In fact, rather than creating positive change and employee engagement, the opposite can happen, ultimately creating employee disengagement.

This means the way organizations approach, structure and drive internal communications
sets the stage for the success of effective change and employee engagement.

That’s why we love this infographic created by H&H Comms. While it’s specific to the UK, which is your field guide to understanding the bigger picture of internal comms and employee engagement and why they matter to the bottom line.

HH Internal Communications and Employee Engagement Field Guide infographic


Click on the image for the full-size version or [ddownload id=”6291″ style=”link” text=”download it here”].

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