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Top Employee Engagement and HR Goodness for 2013

social-workplace-best-in-award_300Our addiction to reading every whitepaper we can get our grubby little hands onto means that we are able to share our favorite ones with you. So far this year, we’ve seen many insightful studies on talent management, employee engagement, and social business from  big companies such as Blessing White, Gallup, and Towers Watson. We’ve loved all of them. But you might be surprised to learn that some of our favorite whitepapers are also from some lesser known companies, and we’re glad to highlight them here as well. Enjoy.

On a personal note, this collection was born of our own brain power and personal opinion. We weren’t offered nor did we accept — not even shoes! — any compensation for this list.

#1 Report for Employee Engagement Goodness

2013 Trends Report – The State of Employee Engagement by Quantum Workplace
Why we like it: It reviews the current state of engagement for today’s workforce, shows engagement variation among different position levels, reviews the ROI of an engaged workplace, outlines where organizations are exceling and failing, provides the value of employee recognition, and something that we don’t see too often.. analysis of regional and industry engagement trends. Bottom line: it’s the total package — everything we could want and more in a whitepaper.

Notable Goodness

Employee Engagement Capabilities Report 2013 by Red Balloon
Why we like it: Based on research from 1,600 organizations, this report helps you to better understand the characteristics shared by highly engaged, high performance organizations and provides actionable insights for improvement. Don’t miss the neat employee engagement “wordles” towards the end.
Engagement and Retention in 2013: Moving from Strategy to Execution by TalentKeepers
Why we like it: This report empowers you with knowledge and insight on the latest trends, strategies and practices in employee engagement and retention. It includes data for a select group, the top 10% of all organizations that lead the way in commitment, focus and results.
Building Trust 2013: Workforce Trends Defining High Performance by Interaction Associates
Why we like it: Nearly 400 global leaders at more than 290 organizations are polled for the Interaction Associates research, conducted in partnership with Human Capital Institute. Key findings include a stronger financial picture for participating organizations, and a dramatic turnaround in trust and leadership.

More Good Reads

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