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The 3 Common Time Wasters at Work – #Infographic

No business can afford to have wasted time at work, especially when growth and profitability is directly tied to how productive your employees are. So check out this super cool infographic that identifies the top three reasons why people waste their time at work, so that you can find possible solutions to eliminating them:

  1. Chatting with co-workers was the number one biggest time waste
  2. Non-work related internet browsing like going to Facebook, Youtube etc
  3. Useless Meetings

So how do you cut these time wasters at work?

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The 3 Common Time Wasters at Work – #Infographic

The 3 Common Time Wasters at Work – #Infographic

18 thoughts on “The 3 Common Time Wasters at Work – #Infographic”

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  2. This subject is a slippery slope. Numerous studies have shown that a little distraction during the workday actually allows workers to be more productive when they are on task. Asking someone to be completely and only focused on just their work for an entire day isn’t reasonable IMO.

    Why do you think all of the big dotcoms, that rely on talent, productivity and creativity from its employees, have ping pong tables and nap rooms and massage breaks etc.

    I find that if you treat people like adults and don’t insist on being a taskmaster that you will often find that they are even more productive in the long run.

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