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10 Ways to Inspire Employee Loyalty and Commitment

How to Build Successful Employee EngagementImproving Employee Engagement is not the product of one initiative. Organizations need a framework to achieve significant improvement in engagement. Sequencing and content of the initiative are critical, as is communication.

There have been many traditional approaches to improving Employee Engagement, including Leadership Training, Company-wide ‘Programs,’ Learning & Development and other such initiatives.

Given the experiences of the traditional approaches outlined above, most organizations struggle to shift Employee Engagement more than a couple of percentage points. In discussing this with CEOs, as well as Human Resources and Organizational Development Executives, it became clear that new approaches were required to create a significant shift in Employee Engagement.

With old or new approaches, the factors that need to be addressed remain the same:

  • Job Importance: An employee needs to know how their job is important to the organization.
  • Clarity of what is expected of them: Employees need to know what their manager expects of them.
  • Career Advancement: Employees want to know that there is a fair and equitable system for career advancement and that, if they perform, they will be considered for advancement.
  • Improvement and Reward: Employees want to make improvements to the organization and, if they do, would like to be compensated where possible (a reward and a sincere thank-you).
  • Regular Feedback: Employees want to know when they, the department and the organization are doing well (or not so well).
  • Good Relationship: Employees want to communicate with their manager, even if the news is not good.
  • Clear values: Employees want to know the values and behaviors that will be looked upon favorably; they don’t want to be left in a vacuum to guess.
  • Good Communications: Employees want to know what is happening so they’re not the last to find out important information.

In order to address the above needs, the solution needs to incorporate all of the above factors – and then some. The following infographic, designed by Insightlink, is a 10-point outline of a comprehensive solution that addresses each of the major influencers outlined above.

10 Steps to Building Successful Employee Engagement #infographic by Insightlink via @socialworkplace

Attribution: 10 Steps That Ensure Employee Engagement Success, Enterprise Engagement; Learn 10 Steps to Building Successful Employee Engagement, Insightlink

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