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The Top 5 HR Infographics of 2015

 As defined by the Corporate Executive Board.. The top five Infographics from 2015 that every HR professional should read.

  1. Create Compelling Career Paths for Employees and Organizations — Understand the key strategies your organization can apply to create a dynamic approach to careers that motivates employees. Shift from the traditional promotion-based to a growth-based career culture that benefits both your organization and your employees.
  2. Engagement Is Not Enough — In today’s world of work, organizations are more challenged than ever to drive business performance, so creating a workforce that is engaged, flexible to change, and aligned to your organization’s priorities is critical to success.
  3. What Makes a High Performer in Today’s Workplace — High performers are your leaders of the future, but they still need these 5 things from you to succeed. Understand how the definition of a high performer has changed over the past decade, and what high performance looks like today.
  4. How to Motivate, Not Frustrate During Performance Reviews — Performance management is often seen as burdensome, demotivating, and without value. Uncover the three shifts that can significantly improve your performance management process.
  5. What’s True About Millennials… and What’s Not — Break the three common myths associated with millennials, and unlock ways to better manage this fast-growing segment of your workforce.

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