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How to Get More High Quality Candidates with Social Recruiting [Infographic]

Social Recruiting by BetterteamappIf yours is like many businesses, you’re starting to notice a hiring crunch.

As you’ll see in the infographic below, the time to fill a position is at a record high of 27 days, and employers report being increasingly worried about the cost of positions that go unfilled.

The remedy to this situation appears to be social recruiting. Why?

Because 75 percent of potential applicants are considered to be passive – people who aren’t actively out searching job boards or classifieds for work. While they’re not in the traditional places you’d expect to find talent, they are on social media. So naturally social recruiting has gotten everyone excited about the possibility of tapping this enormous talent reserve. In fact, as you’ll see below, the vast majority of employers are now using or planning to use social as part of their recruiting strategy.

But it’s not the perfect solution. It turns out passive candidates don’t always perform as well as people who were actively looking for employment. To quote the cult classic Office Space, “It’s a problem of motivation.” With the cost of a bad hire being so high, but the cost of unfilled positions being worrisome as well, it’s essential that employers learn how to use social media to not only get more candidates, but the right ones.

Which is exactly what this infographic from Betterteam will help you do. Enjoy!


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