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Check Out the Social Media Strategy Framework

Ross Dawson, founder of Advanced Human Technologies, launched the  Social Media Strategy Framework back in July.  This framework provides guidance and a frame on how organizations can approach engagement with social media. This is a Beta version. Ross is asking for input on your thoughts on what’s wrong (and right) for this to be taken into account for the next version. I encourage you to do so here.

Click on the image to download pdf

Leveraging Social Media in Employee Engagement

Parker LePla’s branding experts, Briana Marrah and Joe LePla, led a workshop at the Advanced Learning Institute’s Internal Branding Conference. They spoke on how to leverage social media tools to engage your employees and create effective brand champions.

Social media tools have added more visibility to your brand, providing a channel for anyone’s opinions and experiences to be distributed to the world almost instantaneously. If this isn’t enough to make you a little nervous, what about the fact that conversations in social media aren’t limited just to your customers? Your employees are online sharing their opinions about you, too. Your employees’

Best Practices / Policy Toolkit for a Corporate Blog

The Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit is a draft series of checklists to help companies, their employees, and their agencies learn the appropriate and transparent ways to interact with blogs, bloggers, and the people who interact with them.

We believe in the principles of transparency and openness, and this document is a way of making this real on the inside. Our goal is not to create or propose new industry standards or rules. These checklists are open source training tools designed to help educate the hundreds or thousands of employees in any large corporation the appropriate ways to interact with the social

Get Your Comprehensive, How-To Guide for Corporate HR Blogging

Original Source: Definitive Guide to Corporate HR Blogging

Real-time social networking via Twitter, Facebook, etc. is certainly all the rage. But fundamentally, blogging still remains the best way to build brand, authority and thought leadership. Lots of companies blog and more and more are joining the world of blogging on a regular basis. Corporate HR blogging on the other hand has a long way to go.

Ben Yoskovitz and Susan Burns have written a definitive guide for corporate HR blogging — a practical, how-to guide on how to setup a blog, get management approval, write great content and build traffic. The

Great Ideas for Improving the Candidate Experience on Your Careers Site

I’m currently in the process of working with our Talent Acquisition team to improve my company’s external Careers site, the front end “static” pages as well as the applicant tracking system (ATS) itself. Some of the challenges that I am currently facing are:

  1. Effectively communicating what we do as a business in a fun and interactive manner.
  2. Streamlining the user experience so that it is easy for applicants to find and apply for positions.
  3. Conveying the company as a great place to work with excellent benefits and programs (and it is!).
  4. Aligning the recruiting

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