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Leveraging Social Media in Employee Engagement

Parker LePla’s branding experts, Briana Marrah and Joe LePla, led a workshop at the Advanced Learning Institute’s Internal Branding Conference. They spoke on how to leverage social media tools to engage your employees and create effective brand champions.

Social media tools have added more visibility to your brand, providing a channel for anyone’s opinions and experiences to be distributed to the world almost instantaneously. If this isn’t enough to make you a little nervous, what about the fact that conversations in social media aren’t limited just to your customers? Your employees are online sharing their opinions about you, too. Your employees’

Living the Brand: Developing an Internal Branding Campaign (Part 2)

Now that you know how important it is to make employees ambassadors of your brand, the next step is to develop an internal brand campaign.  If what you communicate externally isn’t understood internally, how do you build a company that lives what it does? More importantly, how then do you commit employees to emulate the brand and become your company’s greatest advocates?

One of the most important aspects to the success of a company often starts from within. Employees who know your business and who understand the

Why Including Employees in Brand Management is Important

Source: Employees as Brand Ambassadors [Logical String]

Brand is like an iceberg – 10% of it is visible externally and 90% hidden. And these 90% determine how the 10% is perceived. The 90% is all about people, processes, policies, organization, etc.

During the course of interaction with a brand, a consumer has several moments of truth – those vital moments that give insights about the hidden 90% of the brand iceberg. More often than not, the moments of truth are encountered by interacting with employees of the organization for one thing or the other. And this is one reason why employees

Living the Brand: How to Help Employees Become Brand Ambassadors (Part 1)

Source: Employees as Brand Advocates by Jenny Schade.

While attending a market research seminar recently, I noticed the cellular phone company employee sitting next to me pulling out her phone to place a call. I commented that the phone was made by one of her employer’s competitors. “Oh I don’t actually use our phones,” she laughed. “Too unreliable.”

It’s unlikely that any of the people who overheard her comment will ever buy one of the phones that her company makes either.

An organization’s brand is one of its most valuable assets and what differentiates it in the marketplace. As this story

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