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Get Your Comprehensive, How-To Guide for Corporate HR Blogging

Original Source: Definitive Guide to Corporate HR Blogging

Real-time social networking via Twitter, Facebook, etc. is certainly all the rage. But fundamentally, blogging still remains the best way to build brand, authority and thought leadership. Lots of companies blog and more and more are joining the world of blogging on a regular basis. Corporate HR blogging on the other hand has a long way to go.

Ben Yoskovitz and Susan Burns have written a definitive guide for corporate HR blogging — a practical, how-to guide on how to setup a blog, get management approval, write great content and build traffic. The

Great Ideas for Improving the Candidate Experience on Your Careers Site

I’m currently in the process of working with our Talent Acquisition team to improve my company’s external Careers site, the front end “static” pages as well as the applicant tracking system (ATS) itself. Some of the challenges that I am currently facing are:

  1. Effectively communicating what we do as a business in a fun and interactive manner.
  2. Streamlining the user experience so that it is easy for applicants to find and apply for positions.
  3. Conveying the company as a great place to work with excellent benefits and programs (and it is!).
  4. Aligning the recruiting

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