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Trend Timelines: What's Coming, What's Going

For any marketing effort, it’s essential to understand not only how different media impacts human behavior but to also assess what’s most likely to be extinct in the coming years as well as what innovative things are coming up on the horizon. Below is Ross Dawson’s “tongue-in-cheek,” yet remarkably insightful!, assessment of these trends:

Extinction Timeline

October 14, 2007

When people talk about the future, they usually point to all the

Kodak's Convergence Ripcurl is a Winning Social Media Strategy

Social media is a hot topic right now, so much so that many companies have found themselves reacting to the social media wave rather than riding it at the forefront. So it’s exciting and interesting when I hear about companies who have had the reputation of being luddites when it comes to digital trends have actually embraced social media with open arms.. most notably, Kodak. Having been highly criticized for its failure to gracefuly transform with emerging technology (think Kodachrome), Kodak has, for many years, struggled with communicating to the world that they are

Tips for Establishing a Rock-Solid Corporate Culture on Twitter

Original Source: 7 Secrets to Tweeting Your Corporate Culture, Mashable

Here are 7 suggestions (along with some Twitter examples) for establishing a rock-solid corporate culture on Twitter:

1. Share Your History

I’m not talking about chronicling the 42 year history of your firm 140 characters at a time. Although, I guess if you really wanted to, you could. What I mean by share your history is that you should tell the Twitterverse when you make history. For example, if your company is named one of the Top 50 Places to Work or wins an industry award; that’s making

Ignite Social Media: Monitor Social Media Initiatives with the Social Media Marketing Funnel

Source:  The Social Media Monitoring Funnel | Ignite Social Media

The following is a guide to social media monitoring. Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the article, I want to emphasize that each company needs its own strategic thought and implementation – and that no two companies should have identical forms of monitoring. Each brand is different, each website is different, and where people talk about your company and what is being said is going to vary. With that in mind, I present to you the Social Media Monitoring Funnel.

The Social Media Monitoring Funnel offers you a

Using Social Media to “Socialize” Existing Marketing

Source: Using Social Media to “Socialize” Existing Marketing

Part of what a lot of companies are looking for in the social media space is to be able to integrate social media into their existing marketing efforts. Before this can happen the company really needs to understand what their current marketing efforts. I know this sounds intuitive but a lot of marketing is a “black box” for organizations and marketing “just is”. I’m working with a client on socializing their existing marketing and integrating social media into their existing marketing efforts. I thought I would create 2

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