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Opposites Attract: Corporate Social Media Policy Guidelines

Molding aspects of a social media in a medium to large sized corporation can be tricky. Old fashioned corporate philosophy dictates control over the flow of communication be regulated by the proper in house channels only. In the evolution of social we see individuals representing company ideals and company brands when we use to see press releases and public relations broadcasting their spun version. The core of the company’s foundation ordinarily was concealed unless a controversy manifested and then public relations was brought in to fix it.

Must Read Corporate Social Media Articles

I recently came across the 123 Social Media site which is an incredibly great resource for corporate social media and social media strategy. I thought I would share this article that was posted on April 30th.

If you like it, please be sure to visit the 123 Social Media web site.

Must Read Corporate Social Media Articles
Source: Must Read Corporate Social Media Articles, 123 Social Media
Author: Barry Hurd

With over 500 articles on the 123 site, we created this list of MUST READ articles for corporate decision makers. These are some of the most popular articles here on 123SocialMedia in regards to building a thriving corporate web presence for your company. Each article has information that can save thousands of dollars of your

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