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Jim Tobin's Mid-Year Social Media Predictions: Facebook vs Google

Source: Mid-Year 2009 Predictions for the Future of Social Media, Jim Tobin, Ignite Social Media

Periodically, I try to lay out my predictions on the future of social media, particularly as it relates to social media marketing. Half-way through calendar year 2009 seems like a good time to talk about the latest, particularly as two recent moves by major web properties haven’t gotten the mainstream attention they will soon deserve. So while I only have two predictions today, they are significant.

  1. Facebook’s recent adjustment to their privacy settings spell the beginning of the end for Twitter

Resetting a Hijacked Search Engine to the Firefox Default

wow_screenWOW! My search got hijacked by WOWWay! when I switched my cable internet service to WOW. My default search results page has always been Google; however, after my WOW! installation, I noticed that whenever I did a keyword search using the Location toolbar, my results page would be an ugly WOWWay-branded search results page rather than Google.

This was terribly invasive and annoying for me, so I took some time to research how to set Firefox back to Google keyword search results page. This is how I did it:

  1. In the Location toolbar, enter about:config
  2. When prompted, select “I Promise”
  3. Look for Preference name: keyword.URL
  4. Right-click whatever the current value is in the value column and select

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