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Dell Uses Social Media to Foster Employee Ideas and Engagement

Original Source: Dell uses social media to gather employee ideas, Ragan Communications, Andrew Analore

EmployeeStorm allows employees to submit company ideas, speak candidly

EmployeeStormWhen it comes to internal communications, global technology giant Dell may have hit on the perfect storm: a social media platform, dubbed EmployeeStorm, which culls ideas from all of its business units and fosters discussion among employees.


Social Networking Goes to Work

Original Source: Get Real: Social Networking in the Workplace, Information Management

For most serious business professionals, social networking has become a punchline, if not a downright nuisance. When we think of Facebook and MySpace, we picture teens and college students throwing sheep, sending virtual flowers and playing Mafia-themed games. We certainly don’t picture a productivity tool that can improve performance and cut costs.

Yet while this impression of traditional social networks such as Facebook are largely accurate, we shouldn’t let preconceived ideas prevent us from understanding and taking advantage of the potential power of social networking in the workplace. The

Shape Up The Nation (Case Study): How Social Networking works for a Corporate Wellness Program

It’s annual enrollment time, and companies — even mine — are looking for ways to encourage employees to participate in a corporate wellness program that promotes a healthy lifestyle, as it can ultimately mean reduced benefits costs for a company (e.g., smoking cessation, weight management). However, in these budget-conscious times, cost effective tactics are essential. If there was ever time that social media could be leveraged within corporate culture, a social network to drive wellness participation is almost certainly a no brainer — easy to implement, cost effective, with potential for much higher participation than traditional wellness programs.

Imagine my delight

10 Ways to Stay Out of Trouble When You Post to Social Networking Sites (techrepublic)

Source: 10 ways to stay out of trouble when you post to social networking sites | 10 Things |

The new head of British foreign intelligence recently demonstrated that anyone can suffer potentially embarrassing or damaging revelations through social networking activity – and even the most mundane and seemingly benign tweets and status updates can have far-reaching consequences. Deb Shinder explains why you should watch your step.

When you have such an eclectic group of people all watching, at the same time, what you’re saying, it can present some challenges and potential problems. Most of us don slightly different personas

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