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ÜberTwitter Beta-2 Released

If you like Twitterberry, you will LOVE  ÜberTwitter (a Twitter client).  I’ve been using UberTwitter Beta-1 but just upgraded to the newly released Beta-2 software upgrade.  One of the things that I love most about ÜberTwitter that I couldn’t ever get Twitterberry to work for me is the integrated picture sharing. For more info, check out my related blog post: Review: Twitter Apps for the Blackberry that Have Integrated Picture Sharing.

This latest release “rolls out a large number of new features (requested by YOU!) and from pre-release testing promises greater stability. There are still features on our list, and we will ultimately have a Beta-3, we aren’t even close to being satisfied with the feature set yet. Once you have a chance to play with it, please let us

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