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Have you found the connected trifecta?

People + Content + Technology = Enhanced Employee Engagement

People-Focused Communications

Scott Barry Kaufman’s sailboat metaphor for human need (based on Maslow’s work) is the perfect framework for organizations, especially HR, to better understand ever-changing employee needs and for communicators to create effective, meaningful, and contextual communications that help employees feel a sense of security so that they can unfurl their sails and find fulfillment.

Employee Lifecycle

The road to an improved employee experience has many twists and turns. Discover how to map your strategy to the employee journey and key touchpoints along the way.

HR + Marketing

HR and Marketing are not opponents. Your employer brand must align both perspectives to effectively engage prospective and current employees.

Measure Your Brand

Measuring the effectiveness of your employer brand is more than click-throughs and views. This dashboard identifies multiple data points to consider as you build your plan.

50 Shades of Engagement

Update: A version of this post was published on Ragan Communications: “50 definitions of employee engagement” on August 6, 2012. Thank you so much to
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The Measurable Value of Human Resources

Organizations today are moving faster than ever and too many HR leaders are assuming that what they are doing is working.  A recent study revealed tha
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How Play at Work Makes Work.. Work

It’s a touchy subject: does promoting “play” (or gamification) at work actually make your employees more engaged? It’s a topic that I’ve broached with
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