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About the Connected Trifecta

Looking for The Social Workplace? This is it! But newly revitalized. 

The Social Workplace began as a place to drive collaboration and community to engage employees. This is still true today. Employees are changing. Businesses are transforming. Technology is evolving. And so too has The Social Workplace.

Connected Trifecta is the winning combination of people, content, and technology to engage, inform and connect employees. Having a high-performing organization and an engaged workforce are complementary goals, and both are necessary to maximize success. Employee engagement is multi-faceted: there is no one magical solution for every employee. The drivers of engagement differ from company to company, department to department, and employee to employee.

Connected Trifecta focuses on three key areas of transformation:

  1. Understanding employees’ needs and identifying key touchpoints throughout the employee lifecycle
  2. Using compelling content to drive awareness, action, and/or adoption
  3. Optimizing communication systems to drive engagement and productivity

About Elizabeth Mull

Elizabeth Mull is a globally recognized thought leader and keynote speaker on employer brand, HR and internal communications, social collaboration, and transforming HR functions from traditional, one-way transactions into two-way employee interactions. She has her Masters in Organizational Communications and is certified as an employer brand professional.

She is also a board member of the Social Media and Employee Communications Advisory for the Institute for Human Resources, and is a member of SHRM and the ANA Marketing Social Media committee. She is listed in Top 10 Social Enterprise Business Leaders to Follow on Twitter, HR Examiner’s Top 25 Online Influencers in Talent ManagementTop 10 Influencers in Enterprise 2.0, and’s A-list for influencers in enterprise social media. Elizabeth is a featured author and contributor to Social Media TodayRagan Communications, the Employee Engagement NetworkSocial Enterprise TodayHuman Capital League, and HR Magazine UK.

9 thoughts on “About the Connected Trifecta”

  1. Elizabeth–Just wanted you to have Quantum Workplace on your radar for future lists like the Who’s Who in Social HR Technology. We have an employee feedback platform that measures and drives engagement. Our newest tool is called Wyygo…it’s a social exit survey. Take a look. Great blog!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Your post is really useful for working on the social media strategy of a company to enhance their employee engagement. I would love to connect with you for some serious advice and ideas. How can I contact you?

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